The thermal requirement on 1U server leads development of slim vapor chambers.

There are several advantages of vapor chambers, like low space requirement, large contact area and quick thermal response. Those characteristics can be applied on multi heat-source devices in order to reduce heat spreading resistance and hot spots.

We compared the thermal response of slim vapor chamber and copper base at same dimension. Thermocouples are attached on both the top/bottom of vapor chamber and copper base samples in a 60°C hot water surrounding. As shown in the diagram below, the temperature difference between the top and at the bottom of the vapor chamber is extremely small through test period.

Recently, CM has shrunk the thickness of vapor chamber into 2.0 mm on OEM/ODM products. On the process CM continues optimizing the thermal performance thus slim vapor chamber owns close performance as original design model.

Thermal Resistance Comparison of our vapor chambers with different thickness
Thickness (mm)
Rca (°C/W)0.100.1080.11

The internal performance design of vapor chamber can be estimated and predicted by a simulation program. Calculation indicates the amount of wick columns and diameter for individual cases, and approaches optimized performance.

Slim design will become the most popular trend of two-phase flow application.
CM ultra-slim vapor chamber is thinner than RMB$1 coin

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