Cooler Master has developed a loop heat pipe of high heat flux, long distance transportation and anti-gravity for graphic card application.

Loop heat pipe is a passive heat transport system.
The figure below shows how CM loop heat pipe operates. The evaporator receives heat from heat-source, thus working fluid undergoes phase change and turns into vapor at the internal wick structure surface. The pressure difference pushes vapor to move toward the condenser area, then the condensed working fluid continues moving into the evaporator and complete the transfer loop. The function of the compensation chamber is storing the working fluid.

Loop heat pipe has high heat transfer capacity and be able to transport large heat load over a long distance, up to 1 to 2 meters with low thermal resistance. Beside the feature of being able to provide reliable operation over long distance, the anti-gravity ability of loop heat pipes is also an advantage over heat pipes. Furthermore, the flexible heat transport lines offers significant advantages in terms of accommodating design. Another feature of loop heat pipes is the fact that the wick only exists in the evaporator, which results in low flow resistance. 

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