Active Solution for Intel® Pentium® 4 (Northwood / Prescott)
Application System 1U Form Factor Active Solution
CPU Type Intel® Pentium® 4
(Northwood / Prescott)
Supported CPU Frequency Up to 2.8 GHz
Socket Type 478 pins
Heat Sink Copper Base + Copper Skive Fin
Cooler Dimension 89 x 69 x 25mm
Fastener Clip
Interface Material Shin Etsu x23-7762
Fan Dimension 69 x 69 x 13mm
Fan Speed (rpm) 5,500 RPM
Fan Airflow 8.9 CFM
Fan Bearing Type Dual Ball Bearing
Voltage Rating 12 V
Noise Level (dB) 40 dBA
Connector 4 Pins with PWM function
Mass 380 g(0.84 lbs)
CEK Spring N/A
Quantity Per Box 30 pcs
Thermal Resistance 0.45°C/W
For detailed specifications please download our PDF Specs Sheet.
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