Cooler Masters VGA thermal solution department is proud to be an official strategic partner of Nvidia and AMD, which dominate the Add-in graphics cards market. Cooler Master is closely cooperating with both companies on OEM products, and collaborative ODM development. Most third party vendors of Nvidia and AMD products are familiar with our outstanding solutions and choose to cooperate with us to design custom cooling solutions, whether it be noise, performance or cost optimized. Cooler Master not only has access to numerous assembly facilities and heavy duty machinery and the knowhow and experience to use them, but actually manufacturers its own heatpipes, vapor chambers, fans and other thermal solution components. As a result Cooler Master is uniquely positioned to develop, manufacture and deliver tailor-made thermal solutions.

Cooler Master was one of the first thermal solution provider to develop a heatpipe based CPU Heatsink, and we are well aware of the benefits of our access to leading edge technology, developed and manufactured in-house. This is why we consistently promote innovative manufacturing processes and continue to invest heavily into R&D and new machinery, developing and improving technologies such as solder free tight stamping, direct contact heatpipes and vapor chambers. Besides our technological advantages, we have access to our retail departments award winning Industrial Design Center. As a result our VGA thermal solutions not only perform well and last long but feature a unique customized design. Cooler Master, the leading thermal solutions provider, is looking forward to enable you to break free from thermal limitations.

5U GTX 780/980

4U GTX 760/960

海神(VC+水冷) GTX 980Ti

SSU (7870/ GTX 660)

GTX 980

GTX 760

heatsink/fan for Jetson TX1/ DCV-01672-N2-GP